APE Premium Sauce Vape Carts 1 gram
Do you want to relax after a working day?
Do you want to increase your productivity?
Maybe you need to be focused?
Do you want to push the boundaries of your creativity?
Then we at APE know exactly how to help you!
The APE team want to help you make the right choice faster! We know the benefits of different ratios of CBD to THC and invite you to go on this journey with us!
APE is a lifestyle
Be Different 
With APE
Distillate cannabis oil, live resin sauce, terpenes. No additives!
Full Gram stainless steel and glass cartridge. 510 Thread. Wick-less.
1000ml fill/1 gram each.
Night time- Ape OG, Boss OG, Gelato.
Creativity-  Ape Cough, Maui Wowie
Day time- Ape Gold, Pineapple Express,

APE Sauce Carts 1g Assorted Flavors