Artisan BIGS - Wedding Cake w/ Grinder Lid 3.5g

Artisan BIGS - Wedding Cake w/ Grinder Lid 3.5g






Carefully curated premium indoor flower, larger buds with enormous flavor. Now with Grinder lids! Wedding Cake is a hybrid strain that has a genetic blend of Triangle Kush and Animal Mints.


Pink Cookies, also commonly known as Wedding Cake, is reportedly a cross of Cherry Pie and GSC (also known as Girl Scout Cookies).


The strain is reported to grow dense, teardrop-shaped buds with orange stigma hairs and shades of pink and red in a 56-day flowering period. Pink Cookies is best grown indoors in soil, though a warm, moderately humid outdoor environment is also suitable. Under the name Wedding Cake, this strain won First Place in the Hybrid category at the 2018 High Times Cannabis Cup. According to lab testing results from Analytical 360, some Pink Cookies or Weeding Cake strains have shown to contain THC levels that exceed 24%.