Sensi Gummies Passion Peach is THE HEALTHY GUMMY of California! 100% Vegan, an average of 50% less sugar compared to other cannabis gummies, and Omega 3 from Algae is infused for optimum cannabis absorption, increased effects, longer duration, and faster onset. Omega 3 in proven to support a healthy heart, brain, joints and eyes. Cannabis and Omega 3 are the perfect marriage so you get more from a cannabis edible! Sensi Gummies uses full spectrum hybrid oil for a balanced high. You'll love this gummie!


100% Vegan

30-70% less sugar than other cannabis gummies

Omega 3 infused for better cannabis performance

Fast acting

Full spectrum oil

All natural ingredients

Kosher Style


Does not melt

Sensi Gummies Passion Peach 1:1: Vegan + Low Sugar